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Workshop Sessions at ASL

All workshops and sessions are led by participants--by teachers, for teachers. All attendees are asked to please bring lesson plans, art samples, or other resources to create a truly collaborative exchange. Do you have a favorite unit or an activity you know other art teachers would love? If so, we hope you’ll consider leading a workshop session as well. 

The following workshops and Job-Alikes are being led by art teachers at ASL. In addition to these, fourteen visiting teachers from schools around the world will be presenting workshops. Take a look at our complete program!

Encounters with Materials: The Arts as Tools for Thinking

Melanie O'Leary & Natasha Froud

Early Childhood & Lower School

Provocations: Integrating the arts in the classroom to foster playful inquiry and deepen student learning. There will be a brief introduction of the Reggio philosophy and how it could be applied to older children as well as Kindergarten. It will show how to integrate play, exploration and inquiry into the everyday classroom, giving children choice and voice, developing their critical thinking skills and their ability to collaborate. Possible materials:    Paint, Charcoal, Clay, Wire, Pastels, Fibres, Music, Text, Photographs, Light.

Trial and Transformations in LS Sketchbooks

Luchy Harrold

Lower School

Ideas to promote open-ended explorations in sketchbooks to encourage students to take artistic risks. A hands-on workshop to reflect on the value of each sketch in order to possibly transform it later or let it be. Using sketchbooks as tools to drive creativity can effectively be a driving tool for expression and technique in the Elementary classroom.


Robyn Zellar

Middle & High School

Photographers have the power to reveal wider truths about a place. in this workshop, we’ll look at ways of teaching street photography that encourage students to make deeper connections with the place they are experiencing through the lens. We’ll explore different conceptual approaches as well as the process of rephotography, combining vintage photographs with new photos to create blended “then & now” images. No previous experience with Photoshop required--all levels welcome.

soft Sculpture

Anthony Gow

Middle & High School

This workshop will focus on casting techniques, problem solving when creating one- and multi-piece moulds, and working with polyurethane to produce soft sculpture.  Polyurethane casting provides an exciting alternative for students and negates the problem of overhangs. It is envisaged that participants in this workshop will practically produce a soft sculpture to take away.

The Art of Questioning

Domingo Martinez

Middle & High School

Questioning could be thought as one of the main triggers for creativity and learning; it makes people think outside the box and overcome stereotypes. Using questioning as an artistic strategy, attendants will create a sculpture out of an Ikea chair by not following the assemblage instructions and questioning its functionality. The workshop will end with a discussion about the activity and how to encourage questioning as an art strategy in the classroom. (Max. 15 attendants).

Storytelling through Fashion Design

Robyn Zellar

Middle & High School

Fashion designers are storytellers. They weave narratives that bring their clothing to life. What stories do your clothes tell? In this hands-on workshop, you’ll use traditional and contemporary design techniques to create an original collection that tells your own story. The activities are designed for middle and high school students, but they can easily be adapted to lower school.

Art as Social Commentary

Jenny Thomas

High School

We will look at contemporary artists such as Mark Bradford, Glenn Ligon, Shirin Neshat and Jessica Rankin and take inspiration to create artworks (stitch, relief prints, collage) with a message. Hands-on and ready to be used as a take-away for the global classroom.

Found Footage & video art

Domingo Martinez

High School

This hands-on workshop is designed for teachers who are interested in exploring the possibilities of video art in the classroom. We will use found footage and found sounds to create video art pieces that focus on specific themes or moods. Special focus will be given to the video editing process and how to use montage to create symbolic and metaphoric connections between moving images and sound. Some knowledge on video editing with Final Cut Pro is required.

Empathetic design

Erik Niemi & Colin McCarty

Lower, Middle and High School

In this workshop we will introduce a system for teaching Design Thinking around four categories of design: Efficiency, Effectiveness, Beauty and

Sustainability. Students are asked to identify a problem--something that requires a better solution than currently available in any or all of these categories--and plan how to improve it. We will walk through the process we use to introduce and practice these skills based on exercises and design projects. The workshop will take place in our new Makerspace, The MILL (Make Innovate Learn Lab). 

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