Saturday, October 5th


Job-Alikes provide opportunities to share, collaborate and connect with other art teachers who teach the same age level, division, or course. Here are the Job-Alikes being offered on Saturday. There will be opportunities to continue working with your group and form impromptu Job-Alikes on Sunday as well.

Early childhood

Melanie O'Leary

Lower School

This Job-Alike is for early childhood art teachers who are working with classroom teachers. We will discuss the processes of curriculum integration and collaborative planning.

Lower school art

Luchy Harold

Lower School

A sharing opportunity for lower school teachers teaching multiple grade levels navigating the demands for innovation and creativity vs. limited weekly art time.


Cy Iravani

All Divisions

A sharing opportunity for art teachers across all grade levels using the National Standards (Creating, Connecting, Presenting, Responding) for planning and assessment. Please bring any ideas/lessons/examples/resources to share.

Film & video, & digital arts

Domingo Martinez

High School

This Job-Alike is for teachers of Film, Video and Digital Artto share ideas, lessons, and other resources. Please bring something to share with the group.

Petcha Kucha session:

2D media including Painting & Drawing 

Jenny Thomas

Upper High School

This Job-Alike is for teachers of 2D art including Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking who would like to share their favourite 2D lesson or unit with the group. Please bring something visual to share. We shall follow the Japanese protocol Pecha Kucha or “chitchat” which allows a limited time of 10 mins with 10 slides/images to present per person. Fresh, inspiring, fun!


Facilitator, TBA

Upper School

This Job-Alike is for art teachers who are teaching art through the IGCSE & A Levels programs. Please bring any ideas/lessons/ examples/resources to share.

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