Frequently Asked

What's a Job-Alike?

A Job-Alike is a group session for teachers who teach the same subject, division, course, etc. to share ideas, lesson plans, resources and experiences. It's a chance to connect with people who do what you do and find out how they do it. It's a great way to find inspiration and inform your practice.

What does the fee include?

ASL GATE is a non-profit event. Fees cover the cost of basic art supplies for workshops and running the event at the school. This includes catering (coffee, tea and sweet & savory pastries all three mornings and lunch on Saturday), security and maintenance. The fee does not include flights or accommodation.

Is ASL GATE for Primary Art Teachers as well?

Yes, absolutely! ASL GATE is for art teachers across ALL divisions, from PreK through High School. We have an amazing primary team here at ASL offering Job-Alikes and art workshops, and the primary teachers who are registered have already submitted some inspiring workshop proposals as well. Join us!

How do I get around London?

Here are some links to some great sites and apps for London transport.

What art museums to you recommend?

If you have time in the evenings or on Sunday afternoon to visit art galleries, here are links to all of London's finest. And our Friday London Art Excursions include Tate Modern, The V&A, The Design Museum and Saatchi Gallery.

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