ASL GATE is a 3-day weekend of workshops and art excursions for visual arts educators in UK and Europe to inspire, collaborate and share ideas...but of course our gate is open to art teachers around the world.


The event will be held at the American School in London’s new Community Arts Building, in the heart of London--one of the most inspiring art cities in the world. Workshops will be led by art teachers for art teachers, designed to be practical, hands-on and directly applicable to your classroom, PreK through High School. 

Our ethos is all about learning through collaboration. The success of the Exchange depends on 100% participation of the attendees--so all teachers are asked to please bring art samples, lesson plans, resources and creative ideas to share with other art teachers. We hope that you will also consider leading a workshop session or facilitating a job-alike forum.

See you soon!

The Visual Arts Team at ASL

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